DEDUCTIBLE – The amount of first-dollar loss that the insured retains, on either a per occurrence (specific) or annual aggregate basis, before the primary layer of insurance coverage responds.

DEPARTMENT OF LABOR (DOL) – Federal governmental body with supervision over employment-related issues including employee benefits covered under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

DIFFERENCE IN CONDITIONS (DIC) – A policy that insures against perils included in a special risk policy or supplements coverage’s in a named perils policy.  Often used to provide flood and earthquake coverage.

DOMICILE – “Domicile” means the state or area where the captive resides.  So, the captive is domiciled (or governed by the laws and formed) in that state.

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After experiencing tremendous losses due to a natural disaster uncovered by my commercial carrier, I knew it was time to form a captive and shopped around for a captive manager...we couldn’t be happier that we chose Elevate.

Joe M.

Communication is quick and effective, documents are always organized and available and my questions are always answered efficiently and professionally.

Adam G.

We chose Elevate because of their reputation in our business community, and their services have exceeded expectations. We trust Elevate.

John R.

I have worked with Jerry Messick and the Elevate Captive team since 2012. They have been instrumental in guiding us properly on how to implement and run a captive successfully. The due diligence and proactive service on the part of the Elevate team is unrivaled. Their product knowledge and how to use the instrument to our benefit, while providing sound risk management and compliance principles is another huge differentiating factor for their firm. In addition, the team of experts that Elevate has referred us to in the legal and financial advisory areas has turned out to be top notch. The Captive is only as good as the entire team. Finally, it has to be mentioned that we “just plain like” Jerry and Co.. Friendly, smart and easy to work with. A real pleasure.

John H.